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Australia Post - Animation Graphics

Australia Post - Animation Graphics

Julian Wilkins
November 14, 2017
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My role in this project was to design vector graphics for use in an animated video.

The video is an internal coms (communications) animation overview, with the goal of promoting the Seeker Rewards Program for members of Australia Post and StarTrack staff.

For this project I was required to adhere to an in-house style already established for Australia Post's Visual Communications. Working with this minimalist vector style wasn't too limiting, creatively, and proved to be a time effective aesthetic with enough wriggle room to create unique graphics that did not end up looking too homogenous.

Beginning with rough doodles in my sketch book, I figured out the main shapes for each graphic. A little research also helped at this stage. Moving on to the computer, I used Adobe Illustrator to create the final graphics. Starting with a simple grid I begin by assembling the basic shapes of the graphic with simple black outlines. Once I'm happy with the shapes, tweaked things a bit and worked through some variations—I move on to the fill colours. For the colours, I worked with an established palette from Australia Post's style guide. Once a graphic is finished, I prepare it for animation and send it off.

I received very positive feedback for this project, the project lead was happy with the results.

This project was a great learning experience for me, It was my first time working on a project like this. It gave me the opportunity to be able to really put my workflow into practice, to find out what worked and what didn't.

It should be noted that the koala and platypus illustrations
were created by another designer. My works, the helmet and headset respectively, are shown with these animals for context.

Thanks for Viewing!

Julian Wilkins

Driven to create by a strong passion for good graphic design.

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