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Autumn Camping

Autumn Camping

Sara Sarhangpour
November 18, 2019
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I wanted to make a cozy illustration inspired by fall/autumn where a big group of friends, creatures and animals could all enjoy an evening together by the campfire at the cottage. I really do enjoy the simple things and don't take being in nature for granted, so I show that in a lot of my recent work, as I live in the city. It is important to appreciate the little things and having a peaceful moment with good people is something I am always grateful to experience when I can.

I love themed, cozy illustrations that accompany each new changing season. I made this during the middle of autumn, and wanted to capture a calm, relaxing environment with friends, all inspired by fall colours and the changing leaves. For some reason, I draw my characters/creatures camping and in the forest a lot!

I started with a sketch on paper and pencil, scanned the work, and inked and coloured it in Adobe Photoshop. It took me a while to figure out what colour scheme I wanted to go with, but opted on a mostly monochromatic one in order to challenge myself, set a cozy autumn atmosphere, and provide unity to the piece.

I've received positive responses as a lot of what people like about it is the atmosphere created. I challenged myself to stick to a particular colour theme and only use mostly orange and blue (contrasting colours) for this illustration, and it really came out better than expected. I had a teacher in school that let me know in front of my entire class that I had an issue using highly saturated pastel colours frequently in my work, and that it should be a pattern I recognize and stop doing all the time. So hopefully, this is some sort of growth from that. Also, after completing this I realized how much I really love creating full scenes that look like they're out of a comic book or movie where the whole scene is set. It's fun creating little moments in time in these worlds I make up.

Sara Sarhangpour

Sara Sarhangpour is a Toronto-based illustrator and artist. Her work reflects and intertwines her personal experiences with her love of all things cute (and sometimes creepy!). She draws inspiration from nature, fantasy, city life, the mundane, and the occult. Her influences include Michael DeForge, FriendsWithYou, TokiDoki, Gary Baseman, and Takashi Murakami. She welcomes everyone into her whimsical and colourful world filled with quirky characters and crazy details.

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