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Maria Isabel Gonzalez
February 28, 2018
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This project was made as a fashion editorial exhibition for the Fall season, seeking to reflect the dichotomy of this time of year that is warm through its colors, textures and designs, but also represents the death itself; the beginning of the cold and the remains of what was life.

The pale Autumn a lugubrious and cold season that can just generate warmth in all of us.

I was trying to create something very natural that seems part of the same land and its roots, dried and gnawed by time, but without losing those warm spots that still contain it. So I went directly to the ground, looking for textures, colors and the essence of this season and i found in leafs, sticks, wool and cracks the perfect mix for my character and her univers.

I tried to do everything in the set, makeup, styling and props, but I decided to focus on the character, so the background was made in photoshop. I found a great wood image and started masking all the person to blend her with the background. next just adjust some lights, brights, contrasts and some filters and that was all.

This project was made as an exercise for an advertising production without any money, just passion to do it as good as we could; maybe the picture in my head was greatest, but I think the result was good enough. People really capture what we were trying to show and each photo could represents itselfs the topic.

Maria Isabel Gonzalez

Audiovisual Communicator and passioned photographer from Medellín Colombia.
I started taking photos as a way to collect moments to be able to relive them as many times as I wanted, as a way to escape to oblivion, because is my greatest fear. I began to portray every moment as who does not want to ever end up, playing at being god of time and freezing that moment forever, not just in my memory. I started taking pictures so I could express what was fleeing my words and show people that I am not just an oblivion.

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