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AW17 Footwear design - Alvendon

AW17 Footwear design - Alvendon

Joel Wilson
May 26, 2017
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A shoe I have done AW17 Boxfish footwear range. It is a desert boot concept on a light weight sole. I wanted to incorporate a crafted look so the exposed hand stitches and the waxed suede are details that became important throughout the design process. This attention to detail while developing the product ensured a high level of finish.

The idea for the shoe comes from trend happening within the industry. The crafted / hand made look is becoming quite big at the minute so i tasked myself with taking that concept of it looking hand made and created a very commercial, and affordable shoe that delivers in comfort, aesthetic and trend.

I began researching trend in line with he brands creative direction, created mood boards and a story before i began to sketch. I predominantly use pencil / pen and will then incorporate these sketches in Illustrator and Photoshop and begin the design / development stage.

I had a lot of positive feedback from the project due to the high level of photography used for campaign shots. The interest i have had on Bechance has been amazing and look forward to putting up more projects in the future. Watch this space, there's more to come.

You can find my work at

Feel free to contact me in regards to any freelance or footwear / accessories design consultancy.

Joel Wilson

29 year old full time footwear and accessories designer for Boxfresh. I have worked on projects for Lacoste, Kickers and Ellesse and am currently based in London.

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