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AWWWARDS - Redesign Web Site Concept

AWWWARDS - Redesign Web Site Concept

Eugenio Peluso
November 30, 2016
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This concept was created by using design techniques most used during the year 2016 following the trend in the Web Design World. For this design was made a clean interface eliminating the superfluous and structuring it according to a procedure of information to ensure that the user does not feel out of place.

The idea for this project was born because the official web site has a confused design and for this problem i have create a new design and the particularity of this design is a clear interface, easy and fast. For the color used i used the official color of the logo and for structure and various effect i studied the last trend of this category.

I have used for create this project 2 program in particularity Photoshop CC and Illustrator CC. For the creation of this design for the site I have study many drawings of the year 2016. For the resource used I have used the official resource of the site.

The project has a lot of impact design, people like getting very innovative idea and style. Through this project, I faced new studies and new presentations for a project techniques. The most challenging part of this project was definitely a formulating boobies analyzes various interface issues.

Eugenio Peluso

Hey, I'm an Italian Web Designer with a passions for graphics and photography. I am also interested in interfacing techniques for websites, and applications for iOS devices.

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