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AXIS lounger

AXIS lounger

Mike Voropaev
November 30, 2016
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AXIS Lounger — a rethinking of modern luxury. Sophisticated futuristic forms of the base combined with the elegance of pillows made of genuine leather and specially balanced aluminium legs allow you to enjoy the excellent comfort. Minimalistic design will fit into any interior in a modern style, and a lot of textures and materials available allow to customize AXIS lounger to your taste.

I was inspired by military aircraft and automobiles. I wanted to create something unusual and futuristic combining nonclassical approaches and, at the same time, luxury and comfort. Original orange leather of AXIS lounger inspired by indian orange lining of a MA-1 bomber jackets.

The idea was to create indoor rocking lounger for contemporary interiors with futuristic touch. In legs I used an unusual approach — five unibody legs forming an arc. AXIS lounger designed in such way that the center of mass in the human supine position falls in the middle of sofa, at the same time excluding the possibility of turning with rocking with any force.

To model the base of the sofa I used Rhinoceros, for cushion — Autodesk 3Ds Max and ZBrush. All renders made with Corona Renderer and HDR Light Studio. Postproduction in Adobe Photoshop CC. Logo created with Adobe Illustrator. Also I used KeyShot for some test visualisations.

This is my personal debut in product design. I love this project and I hope people will like it too.

If you want to support me — please give me some feedback on Behance —

Also I am always open for collaborations and interesting projects, so do not hesitate to contact with me!

Mike Voropaev

I'm Mike, a graphic designer working worldwide.
I love everything associated with design in all its forms. I think the design is not just the outer shell of the object, but also its semantic component. I'm positioning myself as an artistic open-minded designer trying to extend the range of my skills continuously.

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