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AZ - Monitor and Laptops stand

AZ - Monitor and Laptops stand

Mariano Sanchez
September 2, 2017

AZ is a family of products that is developed from AltoEstudio to update the workspace and distinguish the interfaces.
We seek to define and specify the product in the simplest and cleanest way possible, with processes that do not need great complexity.
Mainly we are based on wood, one of the first materials to be handled by man and today remains one of the most noble materials,
both for their versatility and for their visual perception.
The line seeks to reconfigure the desks that are not adapted to the new devices and elements found in it. They are elements of unique functions so that you configure them according to your need.
A family of products that changes, updates and personalizes desks so that everyone can find their style.

AZ arrives with the idea of equipping our our study and we find the reality that the desks do not have a proposal of use and sincere design.
Solving the problem was the main function of this catalog, but when considering how to do it we look for simple, adaptable and noble processes. So the wood emerged as an icon. We are in love with its colors textures and formal possibilities, we feel free and respect it as the great material that is. This relationship with the wood gave identity to the project.

The first instance of the drawing is done by hand, in contact with the paper. We figured out what we wanted and planned.
Then we move to the digital environment to dimension and give greater detail to the pieces, with parametric programs of 3D design and finally to the manufacture. We experimented with different woods, coatings and paints until we reached the final piece that we wanted.

All those who have tried it and used it like it. They notice the improvement in the quality of the environment that they can assemble, they feel free to make configurations with their devices. Even those we do not think.

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