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Chaar Ghiath
December 26, 2019
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BACKWOODS HOUSE is a private residential project located in Melbourne, Australia.
As a freelance 3D Artist, I was commissioned to make the exterior & interior 3d renderings of this minimalistic, yet magnificent design of Alex English Architects, AUS. During the last couple of years, It became harder and harder to have such an opportunity to work on visualization of a house in a similar stunning environment! I have always dreamt of a “Farnsworth house –like “project and here it comes!

Seeing the architectural style adopted by the architects, It was crucial to me to showcase the the strong link between the indoor-outdoor through all that subtle transparency and glass. The best way to do this, is in a Dawn/Dusk mood along with a mix of warm / cool colors that creates the perfect contrast and scenery.

The whole process was done mainly in Autodesk 3Ds max ! but only that cannot suffice ! I certainly had to use extra plugins to make all the greenery in the environment like forest pack. That plugin will do wonders with few clicks !

At first, my client was so happy with the results! And after testing and tweaking few things, we got the final image and it was worth the effort and sweat! I got some nice comments from many people but what is more important is criticism.

Always be passionate about what you do, because only that will boost your creativity !

Chaar Ghiath

“You don't think your way to creative work, you work your way to creative thinking”

Today, my love for design is what drives my passion in my work. Going through several years of experience, I learned that creativity comes from loving what you do, and doing it the best way possible!

Today, as a top rated freelancer, I managed to build up a very positive client history and scale my work. Having this attitude, lead me to some interesting positions in large architecture agencies in Tunisia.

Some career highlights include:

Working across the globe with multinational companies.
Main designer for Mr Cubicle inc. USA
3D Artist at Yepsketch, Australia
Design consultant at Fenex Corp, USA
3D Artist at Yuge Design, CA
3D Artist for Double digit ltd, UK
Designer for DRS Consultancy, IN

On a personal scale, I always tend to share my experience and knowledge by teaching classes in 3D software such as Autodesk 3ds Max, V-Ray and more.

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