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Bagues Barcelona

Bagues Barcelona

Valentine MICHEL
June 6, 2018

Macrophotography of fine jewelry from the brand Bagues Barcelona. I loved such a perfection of shape, details and colors. Bagues Barcelona is so representative of "art deco", and as a French photographer, I'm really touched by it. It's so graceful, tiny, I immediately fell in love...

Barcelona has the heritage of Art deco very present, shooting fine jewelry of this type was my tribute to the atmosphere of this beautiful city.
Taking these pictures was a part from my daily trip report during holidays. I'm alway happy to create series on small details in the city I discover as a tourist.

I used an hybrid camera : Olympus OMD EM5, with a 75mm lense. I did the retouching with Photoshop and Lightroom, and that's it.
The pics are taken through the window, I had a special filter to help with it, a polarizing one. It's really helpfull to have one, especially when you shoot water or windows.

Many people liked this work. I manage to show my love for jewelry I think.
I was happy to have created this kind of souvenir.
In my work, I'm used to shoot jewelry now, especially from French designer brands. Go check my website to have more examples :

Valentine MICHEL

French photographer specialized in corporate and portraits.
After nearly 10 years in communication, Valentine decided to start over and went back school at The Gobelins in Paris. Then she settled as freelance in photography. Minimalism, graphics and color love are the main characteristics of her work.
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