Logotype design, graphics and branding for ‘Bai Bai Fest’, an art music culture summer festival which is hold once a month, during the sunset, in the city of Vic (Barcelona, Spain). An alternative way to the sultry boring summer afternoons in this small city.

From the beginning, we wanted to convey the idea of fun, freshness and creativity. That is why we chose to represent a pop and full of color still life. But we didn’t want to do this using a cold and soulless 3d render: as we usually do in Partee, we start from a manual process to achieve a more organic result.

As you can see in the photos of the creative process, we use artificial plants bought in some bazaar, we apply them one coat of primer and later the different colors. Finally, we set up a still life with leaves arranged concentrically, to generate this idea of lush tropical rainforest.

The response of both the client and the target was very positive. The image was able to convey the nature of the festival, in addition to providing us with a very versatile basis to work in the branding of the following editions.

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