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Balanced - Office Pen Thermometer

Balanced - Office Pen Thermometer

Jesse Dunn
December 23, 2017
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Balanced is a simple office pen with an integrated temperature thermometer. The design intent is to register your temperature while under stress at work. This places your well being in the front of your mind. This pen simply creates a connection between work and your well being.

Like most people, when I am working I forget about everything. I focus on the task at hand and put everything else in the back of my mind, including my personal well being. But life is about balance and without a solid personal well being, we can’t live our lives that way we are supposed to.

When I am stressed I tend to place the back of my pen in my mouth. Sounds silly but most people do the same thing. This action mimics a temperature thermometer. When the person commences writing again, they are presented with a temperature display. Health and well being has now entered the persons mind.

The overall form and colour was chosen to reflect that of medical devices. This creates a strong connection to health and well being, rather than a pen of work. Of course, it still need to function as a pen this concept isn’t to take anything away from your work. It’s about finding a balance that works for you.

Like any project, once I had researched and developed a concept I started with concept sketches. While sketching I also built lots a foam models to refine the design and to user test with. Once I was happy with the design I moved into CAD (Solidworks). Because I had throughly refined the design with sketches and foam models, this step was straight forward. The design was 3D printed, sanded and painted in a glossy white to reflect medical instruments. I chose not to make it a fully functional prototype as the concepts significance lies in the message it delivers.

This project, demonstrated that powerful ideas and messages don’t have to come from complex products. A simple integration of two products, creates a strong physical connection between work and well being.

We should all take a note and find a balance in life.

Jesse Dunn

Product Designer based in Sydney, Australia

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