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Wilmer Chaca
September 15, 2017
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Artistic Design is a theme that I have always loved as it is used to describe works that, in addition to being functional have an artistic and cultural expression, this approach has allowed me to stir people's emotions by offering pieces that are in the middle of the border between art and design

Balloon is a conceptual exploration that contemplates questions of how a chair can function as sculpture and using a little humor in its process, since when something is fun it is also fascinating for the user.

It can be observed that it is in essence a balloon, but with a new use which makes it an unusual and more unusual piece are still its supports since in other instances a balloon would explode when being pierced by something pointed, but in this chair these opposite physical elements are fused to produce a functional result.

My main tool is the imagination and all the ideas I draw with paper and pencil, when I have the concept ready I proceed to make a digital model using 3dsmax and for rendering Vray.
For the construction I use Rhinoceros and SolidWorks.

I like the critics because they help me to improve constantly, in the case of Balloon were very interesting comments on social networks, several people thought it a very funny piece of art, there was one in particular that asked me to paint it red and with a stamp that says IT.
The idea turned out interesting so I made a new render with that suggestion.

I cordially invite all people to follow me in my social networks, I constantly publish new artistic designs: Facebook: studiowilmerchaca, Behance: wilmerchacastudio.

And I would like to thank designideas, for providing this space to promote design and art.

Wilmer Chaca

El diseño es mi razón de existir.

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