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Barbos - Men's care products

Barbos - Men's care products

Timur Saberov
August 26, 2016
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Vasily Radchenko asked for help in the development of the visual identity for the "Barbos" brand about a month ago and we have come to this task with great responsibility.
"Barbos" - care products for a gentleman. Vasily himself knead all products exclusively from natural ingredients, selects men's fragrances by mixing essential oils and add a secret ingredient.

*"Barbos" — «Барбосъ», old-style and kinda playful Russian version of the word «dog». For the basis of the style, we turned to the image of a man late XIX - early XX century, when the fashion for beards and mustaches were in their prime. We decided to use engraving for our dogs. That it was not entirely gloomy added bright colors.

Illustrations made tattoo artist Paul Grinder Paul first drew all the characters in pencil, and then we made adjustments, and he made them in ink. Then we scanned drawings and made a vector version of Adobe Illustrator. Our old friend Kirill Mikhailov ( is responsible for the lettering.

People respond positively to our project. Everyone likes our dogs. Also, the project has been praised in the design community. I had a good experience with a person not involved in the design and it was easy to work together.

My advice - do not be afraid to involve in the project are not designers and artists, tattoo artists, etc. If the person is a professional in his field, then he will not fail you.

Timur Saberov

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