Barcelona is a project that consists of eight photographs. I traveled to Barcelona last year and I fell in love with its streets, its people, its monuments, its history and its environment. I have chosen these eight pictures because they represent everything I said earlier. I hope you like it!

I love traveling, I love it, so I came up with the idea of making a selection of several photos of all the trips I make. I try to make millions of photos to all the cities that I go to then choose the best photos.

Before I used Photoshop to work with the photos, but to this day I use more Lightroom. At first I struggled a lot to work with Lightroom but as I have been working I have been getting more practice and each time I work faster.

I am very proud of this project “Barcelona” because people have liked it very much. It’s great that people recognize the work you do, that you congratulate yourself for it, it fills you with joy.
It’s great that people value your work.
Being a photographer is not just going with a camera and taking pictures, no, there is a lot of work behind, many hours of editing, a lot of work, and everything to make it look beautiful.

Never stop doing what you like, take full advantage of it.

Mariola Hurtado

I’m a photographer.