Bardina Chair

The Bowl chair designed by Italian-Brazilian architect Lina Bo Bardi (1914-1992) was produced and released in Europe in limited edition for the first time in 2016, seven decades after its conception. I met the chair personally in the House of Glass, residence also designed by her in which she lived with her husband art critic Pietro Maria Bardi. After this event about his work in his home and today is a museum, I decided to do a re-reading of this chair and call it Bardina Chair.

While the Bowl chair has the modernist minimalism and the solidity of the shapes coming from an architect, Bardina is the result of automotive software (Alias Auto Studio) has a greater complexity of surfaces although it seems lighter than that due to the few thicknesses of their forms.

I used Alias for modeling and KeyShot for imaging. Chair created without previous sketch, using images of the Bowl Chair itself as reference. I searched the pictures of the chair on Google (I had also taken photos not only from the chair but also from Lina’s original drawings in the Glass House in São Paulo) and with the image on the side of the chair I created mine on top.

As I write this (20:03 pm on January 19, 2018) the chair had 69 views and 6 likes of people most of whom I do not know personally. Even enthusiastic comment just the Dannica of that invited me to post here too. Difficult to learn from a project made alone. The design is only the first phase of the design process, the last is when it arrives at the user. If the chair were prototyped, not just the design but the chair itself could be improved.

Mauri Samp

Entrepeneur, artist, designer and master student of multimedia.