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BAZILLION by YCL studio. 3D visualization

BAZILLION by YCL studio. 3D visualization

Nikolay Shevchenko
February 24, 2017
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Bazillion apartment by YCL studio! I performed as a visualization exercise, I really liked the design. The guys from the YCL studio of a well-tried!
Old Town nooks, unexpected views, Basilian street incites for mystics and a kind of monastery austerity. The space is shared among two moods: timeless clay coolness in twilight and monochrome play of light. In the evening, the mystical hearth fire dissolves all mood contrasts and invites to rest.

In the kitchen and dining room makes up most of the space, because there spend most of their time: to communicate, cook, eat. This part involves constant movement. A living room is quite compact, it is a lounge area with a sofa in front of biofireplaces "- say the authors of the project.
The main idea was to create a space for two different moods: timeless clay coolness in twilight and monochrome play of light. They are “housed” in two zones created by a slanted wall in the midle of the rectangular room. The result: a set of irregular interconnected rooms, each with its’ own character‐
something inspired by the cozy old town nooks. A circle of free movement is possible once opened the tall frameless doors.

I used to work:3dmax – modeling, Corona render – visualization,Photoshop – postprocessing. It was necessary to achieve the cold white light, so I used HDRI map. Statement of the frame and the composition was as important when creating images. The process was very interesting and informative.

I hope people will appreciate my project. Each new work-experience, which I will use in the future. All the while trying to raise their level of visualization. I like to work on a project, and I hope you will find it interesting! Thank you, good luck guys!

Nikolay Shevchenko

Specializes in creating powerful marketing CGI solutions for architecture and product design.

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