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BB Italia Furniture

BB Italia Furniture

Duyen Nguyen
September 3, 2018
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Hello, I am coming back with another personal project called "BB Italia Furniture". The scene is quite simple which is a small living room in an apartment in New York City. Since it's simple, I mainly focus on the materials also the textures and every single detail of each frame. The main purpose to create this scene is I wanted to try something new to my visualization skill which is doing animation. In this project. I used 3ds Max and Corona Render to make the scene. Because this is the first time I've ever tried something new also a little bit difficult, it will have flaws for sure. But hey, looking back at this, I am really proud because all the process of making animation, I've learnt by myself. Hopefully, the next animation project will be better. ? Cheers!!!

The idea came really suddenly without any intention. I basically searched for an simple image to replicate for my 3D training course. I teach 3ds Max - Vray and 3ds Max- Corona by the way. ? The I found an really interesting image which is a small living room - something similar to my project, so I decided to cover it.
The main scene is super simple so I have to focus on the materials and textures, etc. After that, I think maybe I should do animation to this scene. Still renders are things I've done for almost 5 years now. Recently, I've started to add more movement in my work, that's why this work has animation included.
Then the difficult thing here is I just only do animation in Unreal Engine 4, never done anything similar to this in 3ds Max. I decided to search for tutorials on Googles and learn them by myself. Fortunately, the result came out pretty decent. ?

I used 3ds Max - Corona Render - Photoshop - Window Movie Maker for this project.
I searched for the idea on Google. The I put in in 3ds Max and started modeling everything from scratch. I did all the work from modeling, lighting, texturing, camera animation, rendering, then combine everything to produce a short video.

They're pretty much interested in my project this time. Because I've done something new from what I usually do. ?
There are a few questions asking me how you did that, what software you used to create this... It's very fun to answer them, you know :)

Duyen Nguyen

Hello, my name is Duyen Nguyen and I'm from Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. I am a student and my main major is Interior Design. Beside that, I work as an Interior Design, also 3D Artist and 3D Training Tutor at The Renov. The Renov is a start-up company which specializes in Design Field (Architecture, Interior, Architecture Visualization, Training...)
If you have any interest, please contact me through email: [email protected]
Thank you!
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