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Rafael Maia
April 14, 2017

Idealized for summer, whether on the beach or in the ballad in one hot night, #Be is refreshing and provides freedom. Produced by Bebidas Asa Branca, a company with decades of history producing quality drinks, #Be carries youth into its DNA and this is visible in its packaging and in all visual communication of the product. The design of logo, label, consulting to graphic production and 3D product visualization. Modeling, texturing, scene composition, lighting, rendering and post-production, all were created from scratch.

The idea was to create a drink with attitude, aimed at young people. A light drink, with vibrant colors and refreshing tropical flavors, we thought of packaging that explored the product's key features.

As the drinks are very colorful the choice of a transparent bottle seemed obvious, but to avoid interference of the label in the visual of the product we opted for an impression in a single color, the white.

We begin with the technical drawing of the bottle, and then 3D modeling of it in a software called MODO. After modeling the bottle in full size 3D we opened the mesh to have a bottle mold to use as the basis for label creation.

With the defined dimensions we started to design the logo of the product and for that we use Adobe Illustrator, and with the logo ready we started the creation of the label, diagramming all the information using the same software.

With the label ready we start applying it in the 3D model back to the MODO, where we illuminate the scene and render the product.

With the image rendered from the 3D model in MODO we started the process of post-production of the image in Adobe Photoshop, where an "icy" atmosphere was created to display the product arriving at the final image.

Our client was satisfied with the result and the response from the audience was very good. We have won several mentions on various websites and printed publications specializing in packaging design. I believe that in every project we learned something new, and in that specifically the compensation of the distortion of the bottle in the final format of the label was something new for me.

Exercise the new, try to do what you already know in different ways, and always do the best you can.

Rafael Maia

Hi, I'm a brazilian designer and 3D/CGI artist. After studying Computer Science and Marketing and Advertising and working for over 15 years in this area I specialized in Branding and Packaging, and today this shares space with my new passion, 3D/CGI.

Nowadays living in Portugal I work with many companies around the world.

The constant search for high-quality results and a good dose of self-criticism allow me to see in each new project an opportunity to reach a new level.

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