Beach Days

These pictures were taken during the 2017 summer, in Zadar, Croatia. A project highlighting human nature and body strength, and the connection between the different visitors of a seashore. By changing the perspective at the framing moment and by choosing B&W, the emotions, the bodies and their relationship with the sea are emphasized.

First I spent a lot of time watching people arriving to this place, to this point, and even before I had taken the first picture, I realise the position I had respect the people made me almost invisible. So I started shooting in B&W, noting that I was managing to capture all what I was feeling: the freedom that people feel when they face the sea, the spontaneity of their actions, the scale game between the different bodies in the pictures, the marked light illumination in the afternoon.

The main goal was to take pictures capturing the freedom felt by the people in front of the sea and close to the lens, so I decided to use a small device as my iPhone camera, in order to stay unnoticed without affecting the scenes.

We keep most of the time the camera before our eyes, and by doing this we got used to show and to watch the world always from the same perspective. Playing with the height from which one can take a picture powers what is possible to communicate, and it gives strength to the subjects in the scene. I think it is important to learn to see the world with different eyes, and also from different point of views.

Estefania Aragon

Architect and photographer from Colombia, currently based in Milan, Italy.
Estefania has taken interest and involved herself in abstract and architectonical photography and she is passionate about illustration, book binding and calligraphy.