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Marcela Caceres
November 20, 2018
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Hi all! This project was made on the Ocean Reef condominium located in San Bartolo beach, Lima - Peru, where I was asked to implement this duplex with ocean view as a sales tool and real estate marketing purposes. For the design I focus on the target client, trying to personalized a space so that it feels like own and understandind their main tastes. It was a wonderful challenge because it was one of the five departments that I had the opportunity to work in this place, and each one was different.

For this duplex I thought of working with very light furniture to allow the spaces to feel free and wider. I decided to keep the target and give a special touch in the living and dining area working in warm gray and navy blue.
In the living room we used a sofa with linear shapes, quite comfortable, upholstered in neutral colors fabric, and decorated with cushions in blue tones, like the cotton carpet, quite modern character. The central tables painted in white polyurethane with turned wooden legs, gave the lightness that we talked about above, and the wooden and wicker puffs give that beach touch that I was looking for.

I decided to place the dining room as closer as possible to the window to appreciate the beautiful view, for this I opted to use a round tempered glass table with satin steel base, and four very comfortable chairs in white polypropylene.

The duplex has a terrace on the second level, in which i tried to optimize the spaces to the maximum, generating a grill and dining area and a room overlooking the sea and the entire condominium.

Of course plants could not miss, they are always an important factor in decoration, they give life to our spaces and a lot of freshness.

I worked in a finished apartment and they needed to have it ready in a month, so there was no time to develop a previous proposal with 3d views. I took on the challenge and developed a schematic proposal presenting styles of furniture, tapestries, furniture and materials and I worked them in each space in a creative way applying all my knowledge, intuition and experience.

The result was very rewarding, it inspired many visitors to the project and the objectives were met successfully! and I must say for my joy that it was even better than expected. The most important thing when designing / decorating an apartment is to think like someone who will live there, perceive to transmit the right emotions is the key to a good result.

I hope that my work can always serve as an example and inspiration for those who see it, so thank you!

Marcela Caceres

Interior Designer, Decorator, Project Management

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