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Beach Monument | Conceptual Design

Beach Monument | Conceptual Design

Salman Saqib
August 11, 2022
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The idea of this kind of monument at beach came to my mind in a way that i wanted to see a proposed design of a huge monument style structure on the top of which there is a viewing point for the sunset over the ocean. This is a symmitrical structure holding a big circular platform viewing point at the top center of it providing a wide percpective and view point to the visitors to come an denjoy sunset.

It just clicked in my mind and i started making it.

I used sketchup 2020 for 3d modeling process of this project and for rendering, i used lumion 11.5.

I just shared this project idea on different platforms, lets see how does people responsd.

If you want to hire me for any of your architecture 3d model and rendering/ visualization task, feel free to contact me and share details of your project.

Salman Saqib

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