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Bear Valley Springs Hot Air Balloons

Bear Valley Springs Hot Air Balloons

Brian Wangenheim
July 8, 2019
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This was a photography project that I put together in the morning of July 4th 2019. It was located at Bear Valley Springs, CA and there were many beautiful hot air balloons all around. This project is a photographic summary of that event.

I was invited to this event for July 4th and naturally I brought my camera with me. It was a project that was created out of whim or spontaneously. The style of photography is very candid and journalistic. My goal was to capture a realistic view of what to expect when attending on of these events,

I took photographs using my Fujifilm XT3 camera with a Fujinon lens. As a photographer I try to blend in with my surroundings and get the best shots. My wife Maria Isabel Cubillo accompanied me on the shoot and also took some great photographs.

I edited my photographs in Adobe Lightroom, with minor edits to exposure and color when needed.

It has received a positive appreciation thus far from friends and family. More than that it was a personal project of mine and I did not expect it to recieve such attention especially since it was just created out of whim.

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