Beatrice / Liquify

This is Beatrice wearing my BA collection Liquify.
Everything tourn around movement and how the body can be deformed by the power of digital effect. It was so difficult for me translate what was in my mind. But with digital everything was so simple

This idea came out when I understand that all my projects turn around one concept: the movement.
This is the final result of three years of University. A body that can wearing everything he wants. A body that can change structure and the clothes as well.
The colors are so lightly and there is so much contrast to emphasize the shape.

To create my artwork I used Photoshop to create a fluid structure for the clothes. I transferred that shapes to the pattern, sew it and at the end wear it.
The photo shooting was the best part : using a simple background to emphasize the clothes. You can see the fluency of the fabric, the shapes are so gentle. Everything so simple but so cureted

I learned that everyting is possible in fashion. If you have any ideas, ideas that can be possibile in this world, try to make it in different way.
Experiment is the Kay word of this project.
Catch the best angle to shoot a perfect photo.
And that’s all

Melissa Vizza

BA Fashion Design Degree Venice, Italy