Beatriz Paschoal Branding

Beatriz Paschoal is a brazilian designer, from Campinas-SP, Brazil. The project was create a brand for freelancer projects. The ideia was to use accessibility and integration in the project, for representing the whole concept behind the designer that use the brand.

Beatriz Paschoal Design is my first personal brand for freelancer projects, and other disclosures of my work. The brand was created thinking of ways to reproduce certain kind of accessibility and integration between people and different causes. Beyond use the green color, this carries with it the meaning of health and hope.

For create my artwork I use the Adobe Illustrator, and the brand consist basically in the letter “P”, deriving the Paschoal name’s, in constant rotation and interconnection one with other, generating like that this feeling of integration between the elements.

The people responded to my project in a positive way, because the colors and integration cause a positive effect in the visual interlocutor. And it’s amazing the way how the brand catch all the essence of the accessibility design I’ve always wanted to convey.

Beatriz Paschoal

I’m a brazilian designer with focus on graphic design and interface UI/UX.