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Beauty - Editorial

Beauty - Editorial

Alonso Karel
September 25, 2018

Hi, I’m Alonso Karel, graphic designer and photographer from Mexico City.

These photos are part of my ongoing journey as a portrait and editorial photographer. This work was taken during a course focused on being an editorial shooting with multiple wardrobe changes and for me, ended being a beauty shoot where I wanted to use a specific color palette to make contrast on skin and make-up hand to hand with lighting to make it attractive to the eye after post-production.

Below I’ll tell you I created a beauty shoot and how I was abled to do this pictorial with having minimum funds and just only an idea. I am so happy with the final product and the team, enjoy!

This project was an experiment at the studio and after (post-production) I was a bit inspired by photographer Jill Greenberg so I did wanted to recreate her retouching style without taking it too far with the contrast. For me is all about the message vibrant colors give to the viewer making it catchy so easily for the eye so I went for a specific color palette to make the model contrast with it, giving it a ‘contemporary’ look and making it vibrant with background and make up colors (blues, yellow, skin tone) hence caught straight to the eye.

For the studio I used a Canos EOS 77D and professional studio lighting plus a fan for the hair (it was a long shooting with multiple wardrobe changes).

For post-production I used Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom. Lightroom to make images cohesive on a few tones and revealing. Photoshop basically to all details, little touch ups on the color, skin imperfections, baby hair on face, adjust to exact tones that I had in mind. For the skin I use an action I bought a while ago to make the skin look smoother and soft.

The biggest lesson from this was knowing when pictures have potential to change the project you had in mind first and then becoming another thing when you are experimenting in the studio. Definitely it was a fun shoot and ended with a really good product and a happy photographer.

Thanks to everyone involved, teamwork:
Photography & photo retouching: Alonso Karel
Styling: Alonso Karel
Model: New Icon Models
Make Up Artist: Guillermo Rivera
Studio arrangement: Sarai R
Country: México City

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Alonso Karel

Graphic Designer / Creative / Photography / Retoucher / Video / Motion Graphics based in Mexico City.

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