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Beauty - Ula

Beauty - Ula

Małgorzata Jaworska (Chacińska)
August 25, 2017
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That project was made at my home studio with minimal equipment. The idea was to make some beauty shoots to improve myself and try some new setups. I constantly meet my team of fashion designer and makeup artist and make some conceptual photo shoots just for fun with no pressure of publication.

In the "Beauty - Ula" project we wanted to combine of ascetic makeup, style, light and background and focus on lines and shapes of model hair, clothes and jewellery. With the light setup I focused on model eyes to make some nice blik . Before each photo shoots we make the brain storm so that everything is consistent. Some of frames are spontaneous like this where model is sitting back on a chair. I came up with the idea during makeup correction.

I use camera Canon 5d MII and lens Canon 70-200 mm, f/2.8L. In light setup I used only one lamp with beauty dish and reflector below model with mirror to give blik effect. I retouch very precisely all my photos in Adobe Photoshop.

For me personally the most important is feedback from my team. If they accept project, then I'm sure it's good enough. Every new concept give us opportunity to improve our selves. For every one who is afraid of fail. "Success is walking from failure to failure with no loss of enthusiasm." So do what you love with passion.


PHOTOGRAPHY & PHOTO RETOUCHING: Małgorzata Jaworska (Chacińska)
STYLIST: Basia Oramus
MUA: Jowita Bartnik
MODEL: Ula Kania

If you’re interested in viewing most of my work, check out my portfolio on behance:

Małgorzata Jaworska (Chacińska)

Hi, My name is Małgorzata Jaworska (Chacińska). I was born in Kraków and grew up there. In age 8 I decided to break my peagy bank and spend all savings on my first camera. There was only one question.. Which one - photo or video camera? I wanted to capture everything what surrounded me. That time maybe it wasn't conscious choice but I decided to take photo camera. I think it was first big step to start my adventure with photography.

"Senja" is my artistic name. I created it during my first photo competition when I was very young. I decided to use it instead of my real name to remind me my childish innocence and creativity without barriers.

I specialize in portrait, documentary and conceptual photography. I like to share my art work with people. The motto is "to intrigue people". I like to experiment with creative photography which inspire me to do new projects and broaden my horizons. Before every photo session I try to predict how would I shoot. I prepare every detail from idea to model, stylization, place and sometimes it takes long time to be perfect and exactly as I imagined.

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