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Alesya Kasianenko
April 20, 2017
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Hi everyone! I'm glad if you read this article and find it well. My name is Alesya, I'm an architect. Today I want to tell you about the BEDROOM SP5 project. The bedroom has only 17 sq. m, but it seems bigger due to it's expansion towards the balcony. The main purpose of design in this project was to create a comfortable and cozy atmosphere for living.

I paid attention to the relevance of design. So I decided to use only modern materials and trend pantone colors of this year.
I believe that color greatly affects the perception of the environment.
So I chose the white for relaxation, warm wood for coziness, dark chocolate for contrasting and green for freshness.

The abundance of plants in the apartment creates a feeling of unity with nature. I consider this a good modern trend.

An important component in creating a good design is lighting. The light is the strongest tool of the artist, with the help of which he can change the mood in the room.
The main source of lighting here is natural lighting. I'm a supporter of minimalism so I try to avoid chandeliers. A nuanced warm light in the room, contrasted with the cold light from the window, is set by spots, a desk lamp and a floor lamp.

Tools that were used in this project: 3Ds max 2014 (for modeling), Coronarenderer 1.52 (for lighting setup and render setup), Adobe Photoshop CS4 ( for postproduction). I also helped create the design of this interior by helping my hands and head.

My project interested people and I hope that they liked it. I was interested in this task, I was keen on creating a modern cozy space. As always, each project teaches you something new, develops your abilities and raises your level. This project was no exception.

Comfort and utility are the main goals of this project and architecture in general for me. I hope you liked it. Thank you for taking the time to read this article. I hope you find it entertaining.

Alesya Kasianenko

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