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June 18, 2021
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A bedroom for any one who wants to run away of the modern life. Colors and materials choosen to bring a calm air and rest in the end of the day

I wanted to create a bedroom for any person who wants to forget a hard day of a city. Hence comes the neame: Bedrun Away. The color pallete ande materials were chosen to bring calm and decrease the amount of information in the place. The perfect bedroom for the ones who want to read some book or watch some series on TV, The entrance and bathroom doors are disguised in the panels and there are some trees and plants in the balcony to bring the peacefull environment recquired.

At first I decided the Client Profile, then the materials. After al the floor plan and the the 3d models to fanially render it

The project had a good rating and i hope to continue receiving this feedback to improve my work.

T1 Archviz

Archviz Artist

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