This renderings were made for architecture studio HUMBERT&POYET. The images depict new interior design for BEEFTRO meat restaurant situated in Luxembourg. Restaurant is already built but now we will have a look on renderings which were part of the design process.

Architects from HUMBERT&POYET designed this interior in colors of dark wood with contrast brass details. This elements stand out opposed to creamy and white elements which are represented by tables and walls. The goal for the rendering part was to present unified visuals to a client which would depict the right atmosphere. We agreed to show the space in daylight with a sun light reaching to the interior. But since the space is deep from the windows the magic could not be done with sunlight “sculpting”. That means magic lies in the balancing of the colors of separate elements and artificial light.

The big part on this renderings made Corona renderer, which I choosed for this project. Ease of use and logical UI really helped to make this project happen on time. Also Coronas GI solver is pretty good and helped nicely model shadows from indirect light. On the other hand the uniform color scheme is helping a lot in this situation. In post-production were used only curves and little bit of sharpening – light weight.

Client was very happy with the results and when I presented the images to other people I always got positive reactions. This project taught me better to render interiors with diffuse sky light with out help of hard shadows from the sun which sounds easy but it does not look right every time I see it somewhere on renderings.

David Šandrik

I am a professional 3D artist based in Slovakia specializing in real estate visualizations.