Beer Delivery Service – Logo & Icon Design

During a design/marketing consulting project, I was asked to provide a logo and icons for a beer delivery service. The theme was based around a 1970s VW van (the delivery vehicle), community, and of course, beer. There was a desire to have the van angled at a 3/4 view, however, for simplicity and diversity I provided a number of side views which portray more simplicity and brand identity.

I wanted to show off the van in an iconic, simplistic, and memorable way. The client was also restricted to printing a logo in only white vinyl (due to budgetary restrictions), so there are a number of white-only icons that controlled a number of the designs. I wanted to the designs to be light-hearted and modern, as to soften the brewery’s aging brand and style.

I drafted everything with mechanical pencil and then used the Adobe Capture app to generate some outlines. The majority of the work was done in Adobe Illustrator, where I manipulated a variety of sketches, photos, and shapes to create my icons.

I had a lot of positive responses. When the actual project launches I will be uploading photos of the final results to my website ( I also designed new web content, can and bottle branding, and a variety of other assets for this company, all of which were well-received.

I had a lot of fun with the client. It was my first large-scale project and I’m definitely looking forward to more projects like this. The food & beverage industry is a hairy one, but there are so many ways to be creative with branding for the industry.

Dylan Green

Dylan Green – photographer, director of film, graphic designer, consultant, entrepreneur. Pacific Northwest, great food, lots of water, occasional gin martinis.