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Behind The Scene

Behind The Scene

Nicolas Bigot
August 24, 2021
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We live in a world of appearances. In real life and especially in the digital world. We play roles, characters. But appearances might be false or deceptive.
This series of diptyque photos shows both sides of what we can see on social networks for example : the spectator side and the (alternate) reality side which can be illustrated in several ways. But people are often fake, all or part.

I have been working on appearances since a while, especially with my other big project "The Robot Next Door". It talks about robots, artificial intelligence with an anticipation and appearances. I chose a cold atmosphere, cold colors in intimate scenes.
I wanted to explore the "image" way of life. Put controlled images versus reality. I chose the diptyque style with a printed exhibition in mind.

I do everything on my own with little means. I think about interesting ideas and how to make it as simply as possible. I find models who are interested in my projects, they have to believe in it and be motivated. I build my own props with spare or salvage parts, everything which can help to do something credible and nice. I take all photos needed and I edit with Photoshop and Lightroom.

The project is fresh so I haven't received lots of comments and opinions yet. First feedbacks are quite good.
It's not simple because the background subject concerns everybody. We all have Instagram or Facebook accounts where we show the best moments or parts of our lives, rarely bad stuff. Somehow we manipulate our image. Of course it's even more true for brands, fashion or advert photographers etc. So, I think this project can please and disturb at the same time.

Nicolas Bigot

I am a professional UX/UI designer based in Brittany (France). I create images as a self tought author photographer under pseudonyme Niko Photographisme.
I work mainly on surrealist compositions and I like to create my own world using photomanipulation. I consider photography as a playground for my imagination. Digital photography and retouching offer me a great freedom of creation.
I obsessed with appearances and I like to work on body modifications and improved human capacities.

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