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Beirut (Traffic and Urban Living)

Beirut (Traffic and Urban Living)

Nancy kouta
July 5, 2018
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Joe Fish Beirut invited me to share my image of Beirut using their character in an exhibition within the Beirut Design Week. I chose the Title Traffic and urban planning to reflect the issues and problems that Beirut is still suffering from since the nineties.
Maybe, people here have adapted to the bad electric, water, and street conditions but I hope that after seeing my illustration and laughing a bit for the humor behind it to let you think that those bad conditions should resolve.
I wish this picture will change when I want to illustrate Beirut 5 years from now.

My idea was illustrating many stories and then putting them all in one poster ... Using vibrant colors I tried my best to reflect the reality but with an abstract twist ...
I caught those stories from my everyday life in Beirut, and how this city is still moving, shining and living despite all the problems...

First I made a rough sketch of the stories I want to mention and then I digitalize it. This is a vector illustration. I did it using Adobe Illustrator. I did two color versions for the illustration because I wanted to reflect the different colors of Beirut during the day and night

People were so impressed with the idea that I reflected the city problems with a sense of colorful humor ... This was my first exhibition in Beirut so it was a nice experience to build on for future exhibitions. I guess they like the idea that I illustrated Beirut's problems in an optimistic colorful way...

nancy kouta



I love to make a social and environmental change through art & design. Since a young age, I've always had a deep passion for Art, Design, and video games. My appreciation of the art of space and nature has always been an inspiration for me.
My work is generally characterized by bold vibrant colors with simple abstract shapes. I think my style is developing more and more with every project I am taking.

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