Belau Tall Deco

Belau Tall Deco is a fantastic large set and very tall art deco font of upper and lower case signs; ligatures for specialized applications, and includes an additional set of numbers, accented glyphs, and additional mathematical and monetary symbols.
Belau Tall Deco is great for headlines, titles, posters, logos, presentations etc.

Belau Tall Deco is dedicated to my father and his family history. One of my ancestors, Spanish but with Germanic origins, circa 1800’s, was sent by Pope Leo XIII to Palau when he asserted Spain’s rights over the Caroline Islands in 1885.

Belau Tall Deco, I designed it to have an Art Deco similarity; to be more trendy and with both a happy and tropical feel to it, while at the same time being eligible and easy to read.

It comes in 6 variations:

Light cursive
Semi-Bold Cursive
Bold Rounded
Bold Rounded Cursive

Each variation contains 164 glyphs

Appart from using the pertinent pen & paper to make the first sketches, I completed the font using Adobe Illustrator and an amazing plugin called “Fontself” paired with Fontographer. I still have in mind a few additions for this particular project; more glyphs, thicker, hand drawn, shadow etc to complete the font family collection.

I will have to update on how people respond to my work and typography, but by now it seems people do like it. I’d gladly accept any constructive critiques or suggestions you (the reader) might have to add or subtract from the font or the presentation methods I have determined for the type foundry.

If you’d like to purchase this font, you can do so at my shop.

Luis Faus

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