Bellabee by Jermaine Boca

Jermaine Boca’s “Bellabee” is an organic blemish treatment kit that includes nine pots of organic honey, tea tree oil, cinnamon, nutmeg, and three shades of concealer. The honey can be mixed with the add-ins from tray 002 in order to naturally treat acne and other facial blemishes. The three shades of concealer in tray 003 can be mixed to create the perfect, custom shade to conceal blemishes once they have been treated.

The prompt for this project was design rigid packaging that would house variety of object. I decided to create a customizable beauty set that allowed the consumer to mix and create their own blemish treatments. For the style and design of the packaging, I was inspired by beekeepers’ trays that housed the honeycomb and pulled out like drawers. I kept with the honeycomb theme by creating a geometric line pattern that I used to embellish both the interior and exterior of the package. I filled in some of the pattern with colors that I carefully chose to enhance and complement the warm tones of the honey and spices. Finally, the typographic treatments used throughout Bellabee were inspired by the scientific labels found on vintage medicinal bottles to play off of the idea that the consumer is creating their own remedies.

– Jermaine Boca

I start every project with a pen and sketchbook to try and get down every idea that comes to me. Then I transferred these ideas to the computer using Adobe Illustrator, and once my designs are finalized, I used an Epson printer to print out the design. For this project, we were also required to build and comp the packages ourselves, so I used grey museum board as the skeleton of the package and used 3M as the adhesive to apply my printed design to the board.

– Jermaine Boca

As one of the final projects for a semester, Bellabee received great critiques from both my professors and peers. At the end of this project, I learned a lot about the idea of “delight” when designing a package for consumers. To leave a lasting impression on consumers, the package and brand should delight them allow them to be a part of the promenade when opening up the package.

– Jermaine Boca

About Jermaine Boca

Jermaine Boca is a recent graduate from Drexel University where she received her BS in graphic design, and in February of 2016, she was awarded as one of GD USA Magazine’s Students to Watch. As a process-driven designer, she believes in the importance of the iterative hand-sketching process as a precursor to her designs on the screen. Inspired by her diverse taste in music and her native Philadelphia region, Jermaine channels her creativity into both print and web layout. When she’s not obsessing over color palettes or trying to choose the right typeface, you can find her admiring dogs and street art around Philadelphia.