Beneath The Surface

Beneath the Surface was a collaboration of artistic, informative and creative design. Being a platform for support, I was responsible for the graphic design, illustrations, web design and social media management of Beneath the Surface. This project was to be leveraged from the TOXIC channel by VICE.

Beneath the Surface was influenced from Toxic by VICE.
My creative visualisation of the project was to make a toxic subject, a pleasant one. Through refined UX/UI design, my audience are immersed into a platform which is not only visually engaging but also very informative.

Adobe Photoshop
Adobe Indesign
Adobe Dreamweaver

Essentially I began with the logo and from the original design of the water/fluid motion in the logo I was able to create a wed design and branding guidelines which followed this creative.
When a web design was established, it was from there that I built upon the audience experience and engagement process.

Like a funnel, I wanted my audience to be syphoned into the website and swim in this area for a while and then be pushed into the social channels at the end.

People loved having a platform that was visually engaging, easy to use and was coherent with the mission/message behind the project

I completed this project with a sense of self gratification and accomplishment. Not only was I able to really exert my design experience and creative ambition into the project, but I was able to do it with passion knowing that what I was creating had a motive, a mission and a really clear and important message.

Tilly Lock

Videographer, Photographer
Graphic Design, Wed Development, Event Management and Social Media Management