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BENIGN - Hand cutter redesign

BENIGN - Hand cutter redesign

Sanchita Gupta
May 9, 2018
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BENIGN is a cutter which is not only finger friendly but can also be used independently without the help of any other instrument. Cutting in a straight line without using any instrument would save time and effort. Only one hand is needed, it Reduces the chance of finger injury.

Cutters that we use now days are not independent and needs the help of ruler and pencil. It needs a guide to cut in a straight line. There are some finger injuries too.

Benign requires standard stainless steel blade that is easily available in the market.
The additional attachment in the front to the main body restricts the blade to come out further than required. This will restrict the movement of blade sideways while cutting and prevent the blade from getting flimsy.
The roller that is attached to the back of the main body will help the cutter to move in a straight line.
Compact, small in size would be easy to carry.
Digital display to show the measurements with the help of a tactile sensor. It shows the length that has been cut.

I used Fusion 360 for CAD modeling and keyshot for renders. I also used adobe photoshop for the final touch.

I started with the basic research work finding needs of the product and opportunity and then continued with the entire Design process.

The response was really good. People really loved the idea and was amazed too at the results. It was a great experience sharing the project with everyone and knowing their feedback.

I’ve learned a lot in this project, I have learned ergonomics, some electronics, and sensors. It really amazes me what technology can do nowadays and you can use that to make people lives better.

Sanchita Gupta

Hello, I am Sanchita Gupta. I am an enthusiast, curious and hard worker currently in 4th year of product design studying in MIT Institute of Design, Pune. I enjoy packaging, user research, graphics.

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