Bentveld Residential Project

This project has been designed to satisfy the requirements and gain the approval of the clients. Bentveld Residential Project is currently under construction. The Bentveld project is expected to be completed by the end of 2009. The project is located in the bentveld area of ​​the Netherlands.

The most important feature is a luxurious and modern style with traditional touches and relaxing atmosphere. It was also important to create spacious spaces and functional solutions. For this reason, lots of different materials, elements, furniture and forms were considered.

l used sketchUP programme for 3d model and lumion programme for interior animation. l believe that interior animations make it easier for us to perceive spaces better. Besides we can feel better the effects of light with animation in space.

You can find my animation on the link:

There were many conversations with the clients and searching material brands during the design process. The most important thing was to produce the best solution for the clients. This was to give them a place to feel good and happy…

Nisa Kapuagasi

To be an interior architect was my childhood dream. I have always wanted to create places where people can be happy, peaceful and healthy. Thinking of this gave me so much pleasure. If even a simple line drawn on a piece of paper can impress me so much, then the lines that come to life is like magic to me. These lines have the power to affect people and to change their lives, because they become the living spaces that they can love and embrace. I have the passion, energy and motivation to share my experience with new projects.