Benz sl by Subum Lee

My goal of this project was to design Mercedes-Benz SL that shows new design direction to them.
The main theme of this concept is ‘Transition In Expression’, harmonizing two different extremes.

-Subum Lee



I could come up with this idea in the design change process from the past to present as the design language of the Mercedes was changing back and forth between soft and wedged.
The key sketch of the concept came from an idea ‘wrapped capsule’.

-Subum Lee



The basic idea of it was embracing edged and intense surface with soft and sensual surface.
The idea is described by placing faceted surface into the inner body side surface and hood, and key lines of the concept are applied to side, hood and front led headlamp. I tried to exaggerate over all design of the concept and extremely long hood is one of the strong feature of the SL concept. It is sponsored by Mercedes-Benz, tools – pencil, pen, photoshop, clay, alias for wheels and logos

-Subum Lee



About Subum Lee

Subum Lee is 24 years old from South Korea.He is a Senior Student at College for Creative Studies (Detroit, MI, United States). He went to India when he was 16 to study abroad and he had a chance to learn art(painting and drawing) in the high school that is his turning point of his life. He went to CCS(College for Creative Studies) as a graphic design student but he changed his major to transportation design, before the semester starts, as it was more appealing to him.
Started learning car design in 2009. Internship(exterior design position) at GM Korea (2011), Pocktsquare Design LLC (2014), and now currently doing internship at Volvo Sweden (Jan-Jul 2015).
(went to military service for 2 years / 2011-2013). He will be graduating in December 2015 and looking for job offer. You can find more of his artworks on his Behance profile.