Better Butter : Packaging Design

My main aim is to spread awareness about Body Shaming in a satirical way through butter packaging. I also aim to break stereotypes about Body Shaming through a subtle way. There is a fun artwork inside the butter that makes it a collectible item for the customer instead of throwing the wrapper away.

A butter is never consumed all at once, hence as he/she keeps eating butter they slowly get the message which I intend to give which is ‘Beauty comes in all shapes and sizes’. The illustration with a message is a fun surprise for the consumer which he/she gets as they keep eating the butter.

I worked on Adobe Illustrator for the template of the packaging and experimented with different papers and materials for the packaging box. The process was fun as I was getting to learn about dimensions and getting accurate with them. It took a long time to develop the idea and I did a lot of survey work to gain insights on what others think about Bodyshaming.

I learnt a lot about Body shaming and how people are affected by the issue through the process of the project.Body Shaming is the action of humiliating someone by making critical comments about their body shape or size.It is a very important and a common issue which is being highly ignored. The perfect size for a female’s body is said to be 36-24-36.One one side people consume more of butter to become to required size, and on the other hand people stop consuming butter to reduce their measurements.

Charmaine Sah

Student at Srishti Institute of Art,Design and Technology.
Main interests lie in Typography,Branding and Packaging.