Betting Achievement Icons

I designed Betting achievement icons for gambling company. It’s a small part of the project. It is the first online casino of its kind. I desired a minimal style. These games aren’t available on any other website, and neither is our actual social experience.

In September 2016, I received the honor of designing a Game lab in Melbourne. My goal has been to understand the concept art of the Lab so I can give the best result of each illustration. The project requires a very minimal style but enjoyable for players to experience the fun and colorful in gambling. The ideas are to capture the game’s features into unique icons without losing the concept of each game.

Illustrator and Photoshop are best friends.
I love sketching the ideas on paper before bringing them into a digital part. Scanning those sketch and repainting them on photoshop so I can identify the various colors. The final step is designing these icons on Adobe Illustrator.

This project gave me an excellent opportunity to create series of unique icons that relating to gambling.
I really appreciate how people love and inspire my works.
As the illustrator and Animation Designer, I look forward to evolving and pushing the brand forward.

If you are interested in my works.
You can find me at or

Khuong Le

Illustrator and Animation Designer based in Melbourne, Australia.