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Between Parks

Between Parks

Gustavo Gorgen
January 9, 2019

Located in the heart of the city, the downtown neighborhood is, in addition to being the center of commerce and services of the municipality of Lajeado, an access to the city and means of connection between some residential neighborhoods. Home and meeting point of the most diverse people, each with its way of thinking, to undertake, to innovate and to live together. Thus, it is a meeting point.

The neighborhood is also surrounded by two of the city's main parks, houses the edge of the river which has buildings with historical character, living heritage of the city other green areas with potential for requalification. One of them, the Ingenio Engenho canalized, whose city hall started a pilot project to clean it.

Therefore, architecture tends to be innovative and contemporary. More than that, it tends to be timeless. Because it is a lot with such a close proximity between open spaces and being in the heart of the city - located on Saldanha Marinho Street, near the Born Bruno Hospital - the concept of the Entreparques Commercial Building.

A building that establishes a new constructive, technical and aesthetic level in the city of Lajeado, redefined the standards of comfort in the current commercial buildings. An architecture that invites the user to explore the intersections between the natural and the urban. A place that serves as a refuge within the city.

The concept behind the final proposal revolves around the location of the land in the urban context and the strong relationship between open and closed spaces. It was sought to create a building that would bring the parks inside, allowing its users to enjoy spaces widely ventilated, natural lighting entrance, and that should function as a stimulator of casual encounters. Taking a square into the project was the initial premise. For this to be possible, the idea was to work with a floor tile and a vertical tower, but a volume detached from the other.
From the ground plate, traces that delimit the path have been subtracted and create a large gallery open to the public, while the tower does not change, being a pure prism coated with glass and expanded steel plate. In the interval between these two volumes, a large covered hour and hour balcony was created, turning into a large square overlooking the inner galleries with vegetation and shrubs and for the street.
Facing offices and doctors' offices because of its proximity to the hospital, Edifício Entre Parques brings a new concept by placing a plaza as a two-volume articulator with different programs, bringing more life to the traditional method of work and office in the city.

I start my projects always with hand, with conceptual sketches and basic drawings. For this I use a book that I carry with me wherever I go, and when I get an idea, I draw immediately. Then I try to develop some details that I imagined for the project and the drawings, to help the reasoning. Just then I go to AutoCAD 2D and do some studies until I find what I'm looking to do.
After that I used ArchiCad 21 to fully develop the proposal. Being the first time I used the software, I had some difficulties, but nothing that would greatly impede my progress. I have had good results as a beginner in the software and I think he has contributed to the success in the final process.
Having 3D ready in ArchiCad, I exported it to SketchUp Pro 2017, where I applied vegetation, set up textures and rendered using V-ray 3.4.
To finish the images and presentation diagrams, boards and other graphic materials, I used Adobe Photoshop, software that I have more affinity to work with for more than 9 years.
AutoCAD 2D for release the project;
ArchiCAD 21 for development;
SketchUp Pro 2017 + Vray 3.4 for scene composition and rendering;
Adobe Photoshop for finishing.

They reacted well. I believe that what attracted the most attention was the concept and its application in the proposal very clearly.
I learned. I developed it in a semester and it was my first project developed in ArchiCAD, and I was very satisfied with the result.

Gustavo Gorgen

I believe in the idea of ​​a collective and shared network of knowledge, that creative fields are connected, and that architecture and design can contribute to how we deal with the world and improve people's lives

I participated in an academic exchange in Bogotá - Colombia at Corporación Universitaria Minuto de Dios - UniMinuto for one semester, focused on the area of ​​Civil Engineering

In love with illustrations and design.

Currently studying Architecture and Urbanism at UNIVATES, Brazil

You can contact me through my email [email protected]

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