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Bhumi Space

Bhumi Space

Inas Amatullah
July 14, 2021

These are some of the illustrations I created for a collaboration project between me and my friend Jastis. We always start with the words written by Jastis, then I make illustrations based on her words. This is a long term project and we aspire to be able to publish a book with our work.

From the words that Jastis wrote, I tried to absorb the meaning, then I tried to be the subject. I started to imagine how I would be if I were in that situation, what would I do? etc.
After I got an idea of ​​the feeling, situation, and atmosphere of what Inas wrote, I matched it with the color guide from Bhumi Space. Bhumi Space itself has an own color guide, it's brown, dark blue an white.

I usually use Adobe Illustrator software.
First, I sketched out the briefs I got, then gave them colors from the guides. And I started to feel the atmosphere of the illustration. I will think about what effect I have to give to make my drawing feel strong, whether people will understand the message of what I'm drawing, how I can make this image feel more alive, etc.

We got a very good impressions of our works on our Instagram account
It makes me happy and I'm excited to draw more.

Inas Amatullah

Hi I'm Nanash. My work explores the relationship between humans and their environment. with influences as diverse as human feelings, human relationships with other people and with God, and how we feel grateful for this life.
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