Bictools is a toolkit for the famous Bic pens. This kit turns them in useful tools for our daily routine at the office. It’s composed by diverse utilities such as a compass, a ruler, a precision blade, a folder and a calligraphy tools.

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This idea was born after extensive field research for assignment of tool design in office spaces. In my research, I discovered this brand is undoubtedly some the most used and simplest in the market.

During the research, I came across the possibility of decontextualizing the pen. Why does a cap only have the capping function? Why does a pen only serve to write?

So, I thought the same item could be transformed into one or several tools to work. The structure of the pen would give body to number of different tools.

This is the idea how Bictools was born, giving it different possibilities, using the body to function + ballpoint as a structural basis. This prototype was made possible by 3D printing technology. Our kit will become the best friend for any designer or creative person. It will help them to carry out projects on their daily routines, inside and outside of the workspace.
Bictools is composed by diverse utilities such as a compass, a ruler, a scalpel, a paper bender, and different calligraphy gadgets.

First of all, the most important thing was to look at the workspace where the designers are and see which tools I could design.

And once selected and discarded it some tools. was when I started with different softwares like Rhinoceros, which helped me to shape it in 3D modeling and then I used the program Cura for 3D printing, this printing was done first in PLA but later in ABS for get its best finish

People have responded positively because our target audience is very broad, is a very striking project and has been exposed in different events and cities like Valencia, Madrid and Milan and has always generated a positive impact and a smile on people.

Later when I published it in behance and three days later they gave me the promiment in product design that was very rewarding for the effort that I realized.

I have learned that the best way to design is from a different point of view and try to generate uses where they have not been found.

This student project was developed at the Universidad CEU Cardenal Herrara in Valencia and supervised by a great professional such as Héctor Serrano. I had the opportunity to exhibit it at Lambrate Ventura in Milan design week with the collective Nou + u. It is also available to the public at the exhibition of “Printing the world´´. It is to be seen inside of the Telefonica building in Madrid.

juan carlos fanes lopez

Juan Carlos Fanes is a multidisciplinary designer & creative born in Valencia and son of the world .

Focused on product design, his love to emotional and careful design treatment creates new experiences for the users.