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Big Face Vol. Master Piece

Big Face Vol. Master Piece

Hannah Sun
September 24, 2018

I am recently working on a personal project called "Big Face Tiny eyes". All characters in this series have big round face, pink cheek, tiny eyes and mouth. Vol.Master Piece is one of them.
I choose oil pastel to illustrate whole project, because I love oil pastels' bright colors and rich pigment.

I just do random doodling one day, and first Big Face Tiny Eyes comes. I love that character so much, and I feel this cute boy is alive. I hope he is not alone, then I start design his friends. Now, the kingdom is getting bigger and bigger.
For the Vol.Master Piece, I love these original master artworks, then I thought how about designing them into my style. It's my way to show my respect.

Oil Pastel and colored pencil.
I mainly use oil pastels when I was a kid, and I barely use them after I grow up. I choose oil pastel among all other art materials to illustrate this series, because oil pastel has very rich and saturated colors, and creamy and thick texture. What's more, every time I hold oil pastel, it will mind me of my childhood.

Lots followers love them ? I am so happy with that, and I think I will do more in the future.
For now, I have already created about 70 pieces. It is easy to do about first 30 pieces, and my technical skills improved a lot during that time. However, the biggest challenge for me recently is how to keep them consistent, and also make every character unique.

Hannah Sun

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