Big minimalistic bedroom

This project was created for a young family. – they wanted a lot of space, play games on PlayStation and a lot of practical furniture to maximize every area. However, they didn’t like their clothes, perfumes, books, etc. to be visible. This is why we used a wardrobe and some shelves for private things.

Clients like minimalism and practical use of things, so it is the main reason why we use grey color on walls, closed night tables and this type of bed. Also, we used wooden texture on the back of the bed to avoid the scattered look around electrical outlets.

As you see, near the mirror we’ve put a shelf for PlayStation. We can’t put it under the TV, because the distance between bed and TV is too small – all cables from TV to PlayStation are hidden in a pipe, which installed inside the wall.

This interior was created in 3dsMax + Corona renderer.
Firstly, we created a plan with furniture and agreed with clients. Then the clients showed examples of interiors they like.
Later we created an interior in 3dsMax. Clients wrote feedback and described what they want to change. We make changes, and in the end, created all drawings(electricity, flooring, ceiling, walls, heating, etc.)

Clients were very happy because we created their future bedroom in that style they want. They wrote changes after first renderings, but it was little changes. We just added air conditioner, made the walls a bit darker and changed the bed, because they didn’t like previous.

In the wardrobe, we’ve put a washing machine and dryer for clothes. It was the wish of clients because their bathroom is very small.
But, usually, we don’t recommend to put it in the wardrobe.

Khrystyna Maksymchuk

I’m an architect, designer, 3d visualizer for 4 years.
And I’m a co-owner of the interior design studio EyeCandy.
We provide professional services in the design and visualization of residential and commercial premises. We create a comfortable space that pleases the owners and keeps its relevance for a long time. We help realize dreams and wishes and implement them in the project. Our design has no borders, we create comfortable spaces for different people from all over the world. All designers of the studio are specialist architects and perform their work not only with the aesthetic taste of the designer but also with the technical knowledge of the architect. Employees are professionally engaged in interior design since 2015.