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Binnacle N°1

Binnacle N°1

Marco Giuseppe Rincón Plazas
May 20, 2021
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Those drawings in colors and some of them in black and white show the things released in 2014 and 2015 years. Those are free ideas that came in that moment from the envarioment and for influence.

Some of those show the dark and contrast lines. The other shows a form of the maker of dead, that made a genocide in name from the fascism (the second one).

There is some of them that just appear thanks a simple lines and "mistakes", that when i saw them again and again, they took for it selfs a concrete forms.

We find a girls, free girls. with her forms in her mind and the expression of the color that remind me their contrast no just in the way their dress, also in the manner of be.

Made by hand and in small papers of notebook which got full with pencil colors and Technical pens.

Was so good find and elaborate the forms we see, some of the drawings easy for make (it wasn't big deal) but others took more time from me, more dedication to give mixes of the form. (like the kind of elefant with blue spheres)

Those was well received, for example, this one that looks like a road in the middle of the forest, is inspired in the tale "amaneceres purpura" of Carolina Orozco.
And some people really like the simple lines drawings and the concepts of the draws.

Giuseppe R.P.

Empirical that dedicates his time to the surrealims, fantastic and science fiction arts; expressing them in literature, painting, music and especially in the author and experimental cinema. He has worked as an illustrator and has been a judge at school painting fairs.

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