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Birch & Waite Professional by Ivan Davies

Birch & Waite Professional by Ivan Davies

Marianne Piano
September 12, 2015

The project aims to showcase Birch & Waite’s professional sauces, to chefs in medium to large-sized kitchen/restaurants. The Birch & Waite salesman would literally use the campaign to explain how the sauces are produced, to professional chefs, who have very little time by the way, so the campaign had to be very visual and explanatory.

The campaign visually explains passion. Birch & Waite understands that professional chefs want to know what is in the sauce and why it's going to save them time and not ruin their reputation. The sauces themselves are so delicious and clean, a chef can add his own signature style to it with his own ingredients. Hence the line ‘Our Fresh Ingredients, Your Passion’. From briefing to the actual photoshoot, it took probably 2 months to finish it.

- Ivan Davies



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It was a combination of factors. My brother is a professional chef so I called him and we chatted around the brief, but it was a brainstorm with my brilliant senior Art Director Dave Clough where we cracked the idea, we were very aware it was a campaign ‘thought’ that had been done before ie. Making your product out of food, so we wanted to be as different as we possibly could be.

- Ivan Davies


The entire thing was shot in camera as you can see from Dave in the film art directing the shoot. The only tools we used were for clean up and resizing so the usual suspects are Photoshop, Illustrator and of course Indesign to go to Print.

- Ivan Davies


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Ivan Davies has over 20 years of experience in running creative departments in the UK, the US and now in Australia. He desribes himself as a pure ad guy, with that, he loves selling products. He has created global TV campaigns for BP and Blockbuster but his most famous work in the UK is probably for Fullers London Pride (Whatever you do, take pride) and Young’s Fish (The you shall have a fishy, on a little dishy campaign). He currently resides in Sydney with his lovely wife and 5 year old daughter, whom he said is far more creative than him!

See more of his artworks in Behance.

3 comments on “Birch & Waite Professional by Ivan Davies”

  1. Really cool idea! I really like the way you did that, no 3D use ! Just a lot of patience and meticulousness. Great job, Amazing concept and executions!!

  2. I actually thought the logo was Photoshopped in afterwards until I saw your video. How did you position your camera so that it gets a perfectly straight shot of the logo?

    Great design btw!

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