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Bird Drinker "Sin Tiempo"

Alejandro Alcaraz
November 10, 2019
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Thinking about simplicity and in take away the function to its purest expression to interact with nature. This bird drinker whas design as a exercise to make the most simple lines and curves become into something what express the purest of our world, the beautiful act of take a just a couple drop of water.

This project was born like a exercise for a school class, and whit inspiration on materials and style from some Mexican Designers, i turned it arround for make something diferent, thinking about my grandma's house, a place whit a big backyard whit beautifuls trees, and thinking to make something sculptural and funtional at the same time, and, the most important thing, because my grandma loves birds.

First I began to make some sketches to classify my ideas by applying the design principle based on the factors of domination, subdomination and subordination. Then the final product arrived, something that would make my grandmother smile for her love of birds and her good taste for objects.

Then I started making the study models with some paper and wood. And it was time to 3D modeling in SolidWorks.
Once the conceptualization stage was finished, the final product was presented to class, occupying the first place for a better design in a short time. And what say about my grandmother, she was very proud.

People loved to see something seemingly simple and with a meaning as deep as the functionality of the product fused with the love of nature.
And from this project i was learn the important significance of the composition of form with function, the beauty of minimalism and what a little piece of love can be embodied on a design.

Alejandro Alcaraz

Muy buenas y gracias por entrar a este humilde perfil.

Soy Diseñador Industrial y de Producto.
También soy Visiul Merchandiser y Escaparatista.

Me especializo en:

Modelado 3d (SolidWorks)
Renderizado (Keyshot)
PostPorduccion (Adobe PS)
Mercadotecnia Visual
Mercadeo De Tienda
DIseño de Store Concept & Buyer Experience


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