Biz Eyes – Cream On Chrome Collection

Biz Eyes is 3D printed eye wear with custom detachable spectacles which can be replaced simply by turning them 25 degrees and screwing another pair on. The base frame is made from sturdy transparent resin and the spectacles themselves are printed in white nylon and resin.

This project results from the close examination of cosmopolitan needs to express and dare individuality. The abstract notion of fashion presented in designs, derives from popular culture, music and comic books, villains and superheroes.
I chose 3d printing since it is accessible and soon after the idea is born, you can see it in real world.

I modelled all my sketches and ideas with Rhinoceros software, for few designs I used Grasshopper. Then Using the proper format of the 3d models for 3d printing. When its printed some post productions are needed like polishing, dying, some assembling, etc

It was very motivating to see reaction of people to this project. I wasn’t expecting the attention from kids! as well as fashion lovers, people from performing industries, and anybody who is looking for bold statement.I could recognise the right audience for my next collections and designs.

Nasim Sehat