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Black Menu

Black Menu

Fernando Yokota
May 30, 2019
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Black menu a black background and delicious food made in HUB restaurant based in São Paulo / Brazil
the idea in resume it's just all about the food.
Using the black to contrast with the food showing the curves, shapes and bring the " taste " for the viewer.

the table from the restaurant was black and the theme of the restaurant is something darker with low light ambience so i just tried to show that on the plates and the food, just using the ambience on my favor for great results.

A canon 6D mk II, a 50mm 1.4 canon lens, 2 sources of light from my strobes, the two lights set side by side one for contrast one for fill some darker parts, lightroom and photoshop to refine and doing a little bit of retouch for better results.

the client loved it and the people who already like my work too, from myself it's just anothe day of learning, like everything in life it's about training and getting things done, just take your camera and shoot, you will get better with time, patience and a lot of effort !

Fernando Yokota

Food Photographer located in Santos/SP Brazil

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